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The Goal

“We are a data-driven organization. We make business and marketing decisions based on a sound foundation of in-depth data reporting.”

The Reality

“We often work by the priority-of-the-moment. We blindly follow the HiPPO (highest paid person’s opinion). Our organization has many non-intersecting silos and we can not have the right conversations because of conflicting agendas.”

Mapping & Tracking

You wouldn’t think of starting a trip without having first mapped your destination. And once on your journey, you typically track your progress toward your goal.

Sound business and marketing decisions should be that way too. Where are we headed? Why are we doing it? How will we know if it is effective? What will signify success/failure?

Just because you don’t have all the data doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your initial step, but be as informed as possible so that those steps are towards measurable and understandable goals. Think about it. Then talk to us. We can help.