Using Search

Search Engines

The Goal

“We understand and respect the value of search engines and our brand consistently ranks well for all of the key search terms in our business. “

The Reality

“We’re experiencing a decreasing return on our marketing investment. We were once the leader in our industry, but competition is coming out of the woodwork. We are finding ourselves in a commodity business with rapidly decreasing margins and increasing costs. And search just doesn’t seem to be working for us like it used to. “

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines today no longer work the way they worked just a short time ago… or even two weeks ago. Browsers now give us personalized search results, meaning that instead of a single first page search result, there are hundreds of thousands or even millions of different first page results for a single search term – personalized for each user. The result is described well in this TED Talk video.

Paid Search (PPC)

Paid search suffers from many of the same frustration as organic search. Results are customized for each person, so the odds of your paid search ad showing up just got much more difficult. Knowing and understanding the “language of the consumer” is critical today. The language that the prospective customer uses to describe what we offer may be very different from the language we use internally. And the search results they see will differ a lot from the search results we see internally.

Paid search advertising involves a lot of expertise, from knowledge of ad group structure, keyword phrases, click-thru-rates, quality scores, CPC, CPA, CPM, to tracking search share, cost per impression, etc. The world of search advertising, SEO, SEM & PPC has quite a bit in common with Master Gardening in that it represents a collection of overlapping ecosystems in which organic growth, or decay, are ever-occurring in small but definitive steps. And the total impact of a well-tended search campaign enhances the bottom line measurably.

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